5 Places You Can Go See Today.

Being stationed in Germany is special. No where else will you be so easily transplanted to a foreign country with the amount of hand holding and support that you get from the military. It can be the trip of a lifetime or a huge waste of three good years. Most people come to Germany with a great attitude. They want to see the world and explore. Some do just that. Others waste away browsing the latest goods from AAFES while sucking down exorbitant amounts of magical Starbucks brew. Which one are you? Before we continue, take a look at this graphic.


The graphic above is a simple map of Southern Germany. Inside that big red circle is pretty much every single American stationed here (I said pretty much so sorry if you live outside that circle). Also inside that circle are 5 great places that you could go visit tomorrow. No fuss, no plans, just get in the car and go. No matter where you are stationed, all of these places can be a day trip. Some are longer than others but most average 2-3 hours. That means getting up, getting there, doing some sight-seeing, having some lunch, and heading home. Sure it makes for a full day but at least you spent that day visiting something in Germany rather than going to the PX. So, what is it going to be? Waste three good years or have an adventure? Click the next page to get started…

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  1. Great list! We just got here 2.5 months ago and have already been to two of the places you mentioned. Rothenburg was fantastic. The Christmas Market was perfect and not too crowded. It’s perfect for people who prefer a more intimate environment. Many people spoke English so it was an easy place to visit when you’re just getting your bearings. We had a wonderful time walking around the city wall and exploring the shops. Rick Steves loves Rothenburg for shopping so if you’re a Rick Steves travel fan, you’ll be happy to see where he recommends!

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