5 Places You Can Go See Today.



Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region of France and lies on the border between France and Germany. While you are certain to enjoy the sights of the old city center, you will also certainly enjoy the drive there. The region is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Germany, You may have to switch from German to French while you are visiting but if you remember anything of 8th grade you might just be ok! While you are there, stop and eat at A l’ancienne douane “To the old customs house”.


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  1. Great list! We just got here 2.5 months ago and have already been to two of the places you mentioned. Rothenburg was fantastic. The Christmas Market was perfect and not too crowded. It’s perfect for people who prefer a more intimate environment. Many people spoke English so it was an easy place to visit when you’re just getting your bearings. We had a wonderful time walking around the city wall and exploring the shops. Rick Steves loves Rothenburg for shopping so if you’re a Rick Steves travel fan, you’ll be happy to see where he recommends!

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