Top 4 ski resorts that aren’t Garmisch!

You have moved to Germany, rented a house, and even went and bought one of those new BMWs from the car sales place. Now you are ready for a vacation! Ok, so where are we going? Wait, did you just say Garmisch? Why Garmisch? Because they have an American hotel and PX? So you came all the way to Europe just to go visit another military base?

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against Garmisch. It is a beautiful place and you should visit it at least once to go stand on Germany’s tallest mountain. After you have done that you can go ahead and check Garmisch off your list. If it is a ski vacation in the Alps you want, there are many better places. Here are four awesome family friendly ski resorts that are within easy driving distance and won’t break the bank.



One of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Tyrol, Sölden offers something for everyone. For the skiers, Sölden has 36 lifts and 146 kilometers of piste. That doesn’t include all the great off-piste possibilities. For the non skiers, there is everything else! You can go snowshoeing or sledding or you can stay in the village and go shopping. You can also take a day to relax in one of the many spas in the area. Sölden is also famous for its nightlife so if you are the party sort you will not be disappointed.

The rates for rooms and lift tickets are fair and won’t ruin your budget. Lift tickets run in the mid forties just as in Garmisch with reduced rates for longer duration tickets. Hotels and Gaste houses can be found for less than 35 EUR per night. You can of course spend much more if you choose something more exotic. No worries about English ability since this a tourist town. The drive to Sölden is an easy trip over the Fernpass to the Öztal valley. Sölden makes a great alternative for a ski vacation. Have you been to Sölden? Have a recommendation for a good hotel? Leave us a comment below!


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