Weekend Trip: Bruges!

Medieval towns are everywhere in Europe but few are as quintessential as the fairy tale town of Bruges. Bruges or “Brugge” in Dutch, is the capital and largest city in the province of Flanders. The mix of sleepy canals, soaring churches, and picturesque market squares makes Bruges a destination you must see. Bruges truly is the perfect mix of everything Belgium is known for: beer, waffles, chocolate, and amazing architecture.

Bruges is easily a long weekend trip from any duty station in Germany. The drive from the Ramstein area is approximately five hours. If you are stationed over in Grafenwoehr or Hohenfels the trip is slightly longer at eight hours. Either way, we recommend a good drive and you can hit Brussels and Ghent on the way there or back for the Belgian Tripel! Pun intended for you beer drinkers…

There is so much we could say about what to go see and do in Bruges. There are so many countless shops, cafes, bars, pubs, and great architecture to see. You can truly spend a whole weekend just wandering the city and soaking it all in. For a great itinerary you can follow on your trip click onto the next page below. The city tourism office has created a wonderful two day schedule to make the most of your weekend!

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