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Summertime means Strawberry time! Nothing is better when the sun is shining and you can invite some of your German friends for some “Kaffe ind Kuchen” in the afternoon. A lot of German bakeries offer […]

German Eierlikörkuchen!


German Eierlikörkuchen (Egg Liquor Pound cake) Eierlikör is a creamy liquor with texture like Eggnog and a custard-like flavor. The alcohol level is between 14% and 20%. Most of the time it is a blend […]

The Best Cake on Earth


One thing I liked growing up in a German family was the “coffee and cake” tradition. In the afternoon, everybody came together to have some coffee (hot chocolate or tea for the kids) and a […]



If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself in Austria or Southern Germany at some point you have to try Kaiserschmarrn! Straight from the words of Wikipedia: Kaiserschmarren is a light, caramelized pancake made from a sweet […]

4 German Meals You Have to Try


The Germans are not best known for their cuisine but they make some tasty meals. They certainly know what to do with a good piece of meat and of course everything goes great with a […]

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms


This is a simple side dish recipe that I like to make whenever we have Raclette. They go well with almost everything and are always a hit. The best part of this recipe is how […]