This page is dedicated to providing you with links to resources mentioned in articles on this site as well as groups and popular sites for service members here in Germany. We try our best to keep them all up to date but if you find one that is not working just let us know here.

Facebook Groups and Pages.

For Facebook pages we only added those which are active and had a decent amount of members. There are many smaller Facebook pages that can be found by searching but they often have few members and little (or no) activity. These pages and groups are great resources with lots of helpful members. If you would like to have your group or page added just contact us.

Stuttgart Friends

Stuttgart Family and MWR

Stuttgart Kinder Relief

RB Friends

The REAL Housewives of Baumholder,Germany

Baumholder FMWR

Hohenfels ArmySpouses

Bavaria Army Wife Travelers

Americans in Wiesbaden

American Army Wives of Germany

US Army Germany (Like local Craigslists)

There are more but these are the biggest and most popular.


Various blogs from other service members. Most tend to be more on the personal side but still a lot of good information and reading!


AAFES Gas Prices


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