5 Places You Can Go See Today.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Sieberstor(links) und Koboltor (rechts)

Located near Ansbach, Rothenburg ob der Tauber or “”Red fortress above the Tauber” is a mid evil town that represents everything German. Today it is an attractive tourist location but long ago Rothenburg was Germany’s second largest city. Though it has certainly lost that title it still attracts quite a large crowd every day. Walking tours as well as access to the towns many museums can be had “almost” any day of the week. While it is extremely busy during the summer, you may just find yourself on a quiet walk in the city. Best bet is to plan to go early morning or late evening if you can. It is no coincidence that this destination is almost smack in the middle of our little red circle. This medieval town should make every service members list.

Rothenburg Tourism

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  1. Great list! We just got here 2.5 months ago and have already been to two of the places you mentioned. Rothenburg was fantastic. The Christmas Market was perfect and not too crowded. It’s perfect for people who prefer a more intimate environment. Many people spoke English so it was an easy place to visit when you’re just getting your bearings. We had a wonderful time walking around the city wall and exploring the shops. Rick Steves loves Rothenburg for shopping so if you’re a Rick Steves travel fan, you’ll be happy to see where he recommends!

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