5 Places You Can Go See Today.



Würzburg was founded in the 10th century and is truly a marvel to behold. The combination of classically architecture, historic fortresses, and an amazing palace make for the perfect German tourist destination. If you were lucky enough to be stationed in Würzburg then you know all of this first hand. One could spend all day wandering the old city and taking in the sights. Every day in the summer, tour ships stop along the river and disgorge their cargo of tourists to attack the city’s sights. Make sure you opt for a tour of the residential palace to catch a view of the famous staircase.


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  1. Great list! We just got here 2.5 months ago and have already been to two of the places you mentioned. Rothenburg was fantastic. The Christmas Market was perfect and not too crowded. It’s perfect for people who prefer a more intimate environment. Many people spoke English so it was an easy place to visit when you’re just getting your bearings. We had a wonderful time walking around the city wall and exploring the shops. Rick Steves loves Rothenburg for shopping so if you’re a Rick Steves travel fan, you’ll be happy to see where he recommends!

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