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One of the places you are bound to visit during you time in Germany is Munich. So much history and culture make Munich a must for every family. It you want to stay for more than a day you will certainly be looking for accommodation. My wife and I recently stayed at the Sofitel Munich and it was awesome. The hotel is located in the center of Munich and is close to the main train station and pedestrian area. Though we chose to drive into Munich, it would be a snap to take the train right into downtown.

sofitellobbyThe Sofitel boasts a five-star status and it certainly lives up to it. Upon arrival we were greater by the valet service and our bags were quickly delivered to our room. Check-in was a snap with a kind and courteous English-speaking staff. We were only in town for the weekend but we wanted to have a relaxing time and see the sights stress free. Once we made it to our room, we took a minute to relax and check the place out.

roomWe opted for a classic room as we wanted something nice but not overly expensive. The room was tastefully decorated and very comfortable with a large bed and an excellent bathroom. Stone and wood are the main elements in this hotel making it very classy and welcoming. Our room ran right at 130 EUR per night for the two of us. Not the cheapest place for sure but that price cannot be beat for everything Sofitel delivers.

poolAfter spending the rest of the day out in Munich taking in the sights, we returned to the hotel with sore feet and achy legs. A trip down to the pool and spa was just the right thing to end our evening. The spa area is even more luxurious than the rest of the hotel. The pool is completely enclosed in tile that makes you feel like you are swimming in a cave. They also have every spa treatment you can imagine. For those of you looking for the sauna, keep in mind that they only offer the European style so don’t be shy!

Overall this hotel is on the more expensive side. That being said, you really do get what you pay for. This spot is perfect for the couple or even small family that wants to splurge a little for a nice trip. If we went again, we would take the train right to the Hauptbahnhof and walk the 100 meters to the front door. You get everything you would expect from a large hotel in America and you are only a few minutes walk from the heart of Munich. Even the breakfast is amazing! I don’t think I have ever seen a better spread in any European hotel. They even had fresh American style bacon. If you are looking at a weekend in Munich to see the sights, be sure to check out this hotel.

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