Top 10 Apps for Living in Germany


wazeGPS and Maps. Their motto: Outsmarting traffic, together. Download the app and select your country. Once you are all logged, in the app will pull up a map of your surrounding area. This is so helpful when wanting to drive from base to base or downtown. Once your GPS on your smart phone is on it will highlight the backed-up, high traffic areas in red and slow-moving traffic in orange. With this app you can report accidents along the motorway, road hazards and polizei traps. The app will send you notifications (only if you want it to) of the cheapest gas in the area and if you are approaching a stau. If you want to connect, you can send updates to your friends who also have the app downloaded, letting them know what you saw on your morning or afternoon commute.

Download: Apple / Android

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  1. Does anyone know of/use an app similar to TeenSafe? Looking for something to monitor my child’s cell phone.

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