Top 10 Apps for Living in Germany

Esso Fuel Finder:

essoFuel finder. A great tool to have on your smart phone when taking a road trip! It doesn’t matter if you are a couple blocks from home or in another country, this app can help you find the nearest Esso Fuel Station. While you only save money on gas from Esso stations here in Germany, it’s a great app to have if you get low on gas in the middle of nowhere Switzerland. This app, like others, is easy to use. With the tap of your finger you can map out a route to the nearest Esso station and with step-by-step instructions on how to get there. You can filter your options to see if the shop is open 24-hours and even if they have a car wash! Don’t ever run out of gas again. Save money by downloading the Esso Finder app.

Download: Apple / Android

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  1. Does anyone know of/use an app similar to TeenSafe? Looking for something to monitor my child’s cell phone.

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