Top 10 Apps for Living in Germany

The Weather Channel:

theweatherchannelLocal forecast. Know what you need to pack while traveling. This app has saved me time and time again. I am notorious for over packing. Let me tell you, once I downloaded this app, I was able to plan accordingly with what the weather would be like where we were going. This app will change without you even telling it where you are. It gives the most up-to-date weather letting you know the temperature, what it “feels like”, what’s coming later that day and also for the next 15 days. You know just as well as I do that weather is highly unpredictable but I have found this app to be the most precise everywhere we go.

Download: Apple / Android

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  1. Does anyone know of/use an app similar to TeenSafe? Looking for something to monitor my child’s cell phone.

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