5 Places to Visit in Germany to Take in Autumn Scenery

Traveling during fall is extra rewarding because of the foliage of the leaves and the nip at your nose that makes wearing a sweater and drinking a coffee feel like heaven. There are many places scattered across Germany where you can take in the fall scenery. I have compiled a list of 5 places to visit in Germany to take in autumn scenery that I myself have visited. Take my word for it that these are five places you can visit and you know you will have a good fall experience with the family or your spouse.

Bastei Bridge


When it comes to my favorite views of anywhere I have ever traveled to in Europe, my answer is always the Bastei Bridge. Nothing can compare to the grand bridge towering high above and surrounded by beautiful scenery of rocky cliffs and woods. You can view the bridge and you can walk across it which provides you with two different perspectives. I cannot stress enough how magical Bastie is. You must visit this beauty in autumn when the world is painted in every shade of gold, red, and orange.

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