Residenz Am Wald: Dog Hotel Review

Living in Germany is an exciting adventure but it doesn’t mean you have to leave your pets behind. Plenty of people PCS to Germany every year and bring their four-legged family members. One problem many people face here in Germany is where to leave their pet when they travel. You may not have that many contacts and a lot of people live in smaller apartments and homes where they can’t take care of your pet while you are gone. We love our dogs to death and have a hard time trusting other people with their care. It is especially frustrating when you know it only takes a small slip up to have the polizei visiting you and possibly taking your fur baby.

We had been looking for a good dog hotel for a long time. Many places we looked at were nothing more than chain link kennels set up outside. Sure the rates were cheap but we love our pets a little more than that. We finally found this awesome little place right outside of Ulm. It is family owned and run and the dog hotel is a direct extension of their home.


Above you can see their home and surrounding area. The hotel is in a very private and secluded area away from the villages. There is a large outside dog walk area there on the right were your pets will have plenty of exercise time. Each room has an extra outside kennel area so your dog can move around and get some fresh air.

hundeThe hotel has five available rooms. They are all well-lit and comfortable for your pet. Amenities include heated floors, televisions, and radio. While these things may seem silly to some, familiar background noise your pet receives at home is comforting. You can also bring your own toys and dog beds if you wish. We initially took our dog’s collapsible kennel to place in the room and make her feel more comfortable.

They try to fill the rooms by pairs so if you have a single dog they will try to match them with another dog. Rates run at 33 Euro per day but if you wish (or need) a single room for your pet it is 49 Euro per day. If you have two or more pets they generally give a small discount as it is easier to assign rooms. Most rooms are the same size except for the”Schloß” which normally accommodates three dogs.

outsideYour pet has access to their personal outside area as well as the large running area. They have an organized schedule so each room gets 45-60 minutes in the large area at least three times per day. The family also has extra employees to ensure there is always someone available. Your pet will never be left unattended so you can rest easy on your vacation.

As with any pet hotel, there are some restrictions and requirements. Your pet must be up to date on shots and dewormed. Also, due to issues with male dogs, they do not accept females in heat. That is one thing you will have to plan around if you have a girl who is not spayed. The hotel also asks that you provide your pets normal food in sufficient quantities for their stay. It is generally not a good idea to change a dog’s diet and they cannot provide for every brand of dog food.

insideBecause of the size of the hotel, bookings do go fast. Especially around the holiday times. Interested families will first have to make a “probetag” or trial day to see how your pet behaves. Don’t worry, our female is as crazy as they come and there were no problems. After that you can book a longer stay. We did our trial day and then booked a weekend and went to Munich. Since then, we have booked week-long stays and never had a  problem.

The owner, Manuel is a certified dog trainer and offers many other services such as obedience training and puppy school. They personally own Rottweilers so they are familiar and comfortable with larger breeds. However, they have no problem caring for your Teacup Poodle either…

For more information you can visit their site at They do speak English and are very friendly. It is true that Ulm is not very close to many bases but it is on the way to the Alps should that be your destination. You also have to ask yourself what kind of care do you want for your pet. For some people a dog is just another item but for some of us, our pets are family. I highly recommend Residenz Am Wald if your pets are also family.

If you have a tip for another good pet hotel let us know in the comments. We would be happy to have another review from you to share with the community. Safe travels and have fun!

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