Four Things to Do in Munich on a Day Trip

Munich is the largest city in Bavaria and also its capital. It is well known for Oktoberfest which is held every year in late September to October. As popular as this fest is, Munich has a lot more to offer every day of the year. Here are four things to do in Munich you can complete in a single day. I recommend taking the train into the Munich Hauptbahnhof and following this schedule. You can also travel by car if you prefer that method. It will be a full but rewarding day!

First Stop: BMW Welt and BMW Museum

BMW welt

Founded in 1916, BMW is one of Germany’s best known brands. Older BMW vehicles are a staple of many used car lots on military installations around Germany. If you are lucky enough to take advantage of the BMW military sales program you can even drive the ultimate driving machine in its birth place during  your tour overseas. Your first stop in Munich should definitely be at the BMW Welt and Museum.

The museum was opened in 1973 and showcases the company’s achievements throughout their history. The BMW Welt is the company’s exhibition hall directly across from the museum and auto plant. Here you will find all of the new and exciting products that BMW has to offer. Also, if you happen to buy a BMW through the military sales program, you can get the full experience by taking delivery of it here.

General admission to the museum is 10 Euro. There are guided tours available for 13 Euro and you can also take the premium tour of the museum, factory, and welt for 22 Euro. The BMW Welt alone is free of charge. Touring the museum and welt by yourself will probably run from two to three hours. After you are done it is time to catch a cab to our next destination! Click on page two below to find out where we are going!

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