8 Simple Tips to Fulfill Your Travel Bucket List

Travel bucket lists have become more popularized because of envy worthy photos posted by the famous or by free-lance writers on Instagram and Twitter. Other sites like Pinterest have made it easy to discover locations so you can save them, only to be lost in a board labeled “Bucket List” with thousands of other pins. There are few websites that provide tips for you to fulfill your travel bucket list. After living in Germany and beginning my own journey to crossing off my travel bucket list I have discovered that following these 8 simple tips anyone can cross items off of their bucket list in multiples.

Start Locally

When you arrive familiarize yourself with the layout of the city and focus on day trips. When you plan trips that are more expensive and further away you will feel more confident, knowledgeable, and comfortable. You will discover what you cannot experience or see elsewhere and you will not waste money on things that can be done locally. You do not want to get discouraged from fulfilling your bucket list and overspend on destinations from a lack of experience.

Keep a Bucket List Journal

We all have bucket list items on Pinterest or on scrap pieces of paper lying around the house. How often do you go back and actually look at those places? That’s exactly my point. Take the time to organize your bucket list by country.

Eventually you will want to organize your bucket list into smaller categories. This helps you to visualize what countries are worth your time and money the most. If there are only a few things you’d like to experience in a country you will need to research that country further. Otherwise, you may overlook other destinations or activities that would be high on your list. If there isn’t more that can be added than that country can be put at the bottom of your bucket list. This structured bucket list helps you to maintain a visual and prepare for your next trip. The planning will mostly be complete so you will only have to focus on the budgeting to turn it into reality!

Do Your Research

It is so easy to give up on a dream, because you don’t have the time to research. You can make researching for your bucket list exciting and effortless. Choose a place you want to visit. Now go to the library, search on Netflix, and surf the Web to guide you in discovering ever little detail you can about that one place. Eventually you will feel so wanderlust over that you won’t want to back out. This is exactly what happened to me when I researched Salzburg, Austria. It was a place I hadn’t even considered, but it’s so close to Germany that I decided it needed to be seen. Now I can’t get the Sound of Music, the tumbling mountain scenery, or the castle that dominates the city off of my mind.

Open a Travel Account

We often learn early on that having a travel jar isn’t the best idea, because we find ourselves dipping into it any time we need quick cash. While living in Europe you use cash for almost everything so you tend to blow through the jar fast. Instead of a jar I suggest opening an account that is separate from your other accounts. It’s even better if you can open a savings account so it also builds interest. This is a sure way to keep the funds to fulfill your travel bucket list.

Be Spontaneous

Be adventurous and book that hotel, buy those tickets for that tour, or purchase a plane ticket for that trip you always wanted to take. We are often on the fence fulfilling our travel plans. You may find yourself on a constant teeter totter of wanting to see beautiful places, but also trying to be responsible financially. Many don’t understand that you can still be responsible and spontaneous. You know that travel account I suggested that you open? Use that money to be spontaneous! We don’t have to sacrifice everything in order to fulfill our travel bucket list we just need to budget.

Use a Travel Planner

Use a travel planner to budget your trips and how much you can afford to put into your travel account. After deciding what percent you can put aside for your travel account select a destination and the sites that you feel are a must. Look at how much food will cost and then look at how much your hotel and transportation will be. Choose where you think you can cut corners and add an additional 20% for souvenirs. You now have your entire trip planned out. Start booking that trip and mark it off of your bucket list!

Make Travel Buddies

Find others that like to visit similar sites as you. They need to be reliable. Teaming up with someone to travel may not always be convenient, but it will save you money. It is also much harder to bail on a trip when you have someone else to consider. In addition, experiencing your bucket list with a friend will make the experience much more rewarding.

Use it for a Hobby

We all have hobbies, but I bet you can use traveling as a motivator for your hobby. Do you get rushes surfing, love to collect rare items, or maybe you love wildlife? I always wanted to pick up photography, but I didn’t know where to start. Every weekend I look forward to going on a daytrip so that I can practice and improve my shots. It gives me an excuse to travel and put myself in different lightings and situations that I normally would not be able to experience.

It is up to you and only you to fulfill your travel bucket list. Don’t make excuses, because there is always a reason why you should travel. Use these tips to hold yourself accountable and start crossing off that travel bucket list.

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