6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography

Tip #4 Look for Interesting Details

In order to get your photograph to stand out from the guy next to you, look for an interesting detail. It may be something moving like a girl carrying balloons or it may be that you need to zoom in on the water to capture a reflection of the mountains glistening. If you wait just 5 more seconds that girl walking by with the balloons will walk right into your frame and give your photo a story. Part of an attention-grabbing photograph is to find these sorts of interesting details that set your photographs apart from other vacationers.


Tip #3 Don’t Be Embarrassed

This will be a tip that many struggle with at times because we have a tendency to want to blend in with the locals. Even I struggle with it. I know that when I am not embarrassed of taking photographs I tend to take my time and my photographs come out sharper or more interesting. This is because when you’re comfortable you can take your time and play with the settings and angles. You can strike that perfect pose of your shoes hanging off the edge of a mountain or pretending you’re The Beatles on Abbey Road. We have all reviewed our photographs only to realize that you’re blinking or if you had only leaned against that wall your photograph wouldn’t have been blurry. This tip will surely improve your travel photography and it will show in the subjects of your photographs.

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