Four Ways to Enjoy Autumn in the Stuttgart Region



If the Stuttgart region is known for one thing besides cars, it’s wine. Fall in Stuttgart is an excellent time for wine lovers as it’s also one of the two seasons where you can find many open Besenwirtschaften (seasonal wine rooms). These welcoming places can be found in a personal home, barn, or temporary restaurant that are set up by the winemakers to showcase their wines. These venues also serve home cooked meals featuring regional specialties and some offer live music and entertainment.

Traditionally, if a Besen (broom) is hung on the outside of a doorway, it’s open for business. These venues can function without a license so long as they are open for less than four months out of the year and no more than twice a year, typically spring and autumn. Visiting a Besen is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience to have while living in the Stuttgart region!

Click here to view the Besen calendar and find out who’s open when!

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  1. This short list was enough to make me wish I was in Germany for fall. We have Oktoberfest events in the states but nothing comes close to the real deal. Those Pumpkin Festival looks fun too!

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