Four Ways to Enjoy Autumn in the Stuttgart Region


Cozy up in a 13th Century Restaurant in Esslingen!

The Weinkeller Einhorn (unicorn) restaurant is home to the oldest wine cellar in Esslingen, a wonderful city to explore and only a few train stops away from downtown Stuttgart. This historic building is has three dining rooms you can choose from and the historic, stone, wine cellar is my favorite. The atmosphere is soothingly dark, warm, and cozy while the service is friendly. The food is traditional, savory Swabian and the drink menu showcases a variety of local beer and wines from the city itself. Make sure to take time and walk around the restaurant to see all of the quirky and antique décor!

Click here for more info regarding the Weinkeller Einhorn

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  1. This short list was enough to make me wish I was in Germany for fall. We have Oktoberfest events in the states but nothing comes close to the real deal. Those Pumpkin Festival looks fun too!

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