Six Amazing World War Two Before and Afters

It is hard to tell these days but almost everywhere you go in Europe has been touched by one of the biggest events mankind has ever seen. World War Two was devastating to the countries and people that took part in it. Entire cities were destroyed and rebuilt. Here are six before and after pictures that show just how far Europe has come since 1945.

The next time you are out and about traveling, take a moment to pause and reflect on why we are here. Those countries that were once involved in one of the greatest wars of our history are now best friends. How can we go from such extremes? Building lasting friendships and partnerships is the only true way to peace. Happy travels!

The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Brandenburger Tor und Pariser Platz


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  1. Köln is another city where the before and after is really poignant. Grateful that we are here now and not back then.

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