Five Day Trips Around Stuttgart

Bad Teinach-Zavelstein

bad tenach

This fall and winter, I discovered these two towns and to me they are the epitome of what we think of the Black Forest.  However, in 1000 words or less I can’t describe all that’s here. Again, just a little under an hour drive from Stuttgart these two towns have a lot to offer in a day trip. If you or your visitors enjoy hiking and outdoor recreation these two towns are a must-see.

Bad Teinach has the Nudeln (Noodle) Factory where owner Dietrich will arrange a tour for you to see how they make their german pasta and homemade chocolate. What’s not to love?

The small town of Zavelstein just up the hill from Bad Teinach (3km) is filled with hiking trails, astounding castle ruins, a spa hotel and every spring is host to a Krokus-bluten (Crocus blossom) festival. I was privileged to go this year and meet the festival queen and hiked the fields of blossoms that I photographed for hours. The Wanderheims (or hiking huts) in Bad Teinach-Zavelstein are wonderful. The Zavelstein Wanderheim and Schlössberghütte have menu options that are affordable and quite tasty. Typical Black Forest and Swabian options you may find are Maültaschen (stuffed ravioli) and Black Forest cake to name a few.


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