Five Day Trips Around Stuttgart



Although this town is a recent find of mine, I fell in love. With some traffic and a few circles we made it here in a little over an hour. Immediately upon entering the town you pass through a Roman gate that looks like it was built when time began which was very cool. We parked in the center of town (parking was a little expensive €1.50/first hour), but if you stay for a day trip and walk the stadtmitte (city center) it might be worth it to be so close to everything.

Calw has the Nagold River flowing through it so the streets and businesses line the river making it quite picturesque. Once home to the prince and princesses of Prussia during the 1800’s, this town is ancient. One castle, the Palais Vischer is beautiful and majestic. It has English tours but doesn’t open to the public until April. Strolling through downtown we found the information center and in it several English brochures including a walking tour map.

The medieval architecture is exquisite and still intact. We visited the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the city gardens and grabbed a bite to eat. Our restaurant was serving spargel (white asparagus) with a hollandaise sauce. The season is upon us for this delicacy that our friends in Swabia celebrate. Every year I am amazed with interesting and new recipes I discover.

Other points of interest in Calw:

*Hermann Hesse Museum

*Monastery (Kloster) Museum

*Medieval Waterfront

These are five towns I chose when visitors are coming in and may not be staying a long time or might have flown in and because of jet lag can’t do a full-day of “touristing.” Sometimes, I visit these towns with only my family on a sunny weekends or a day off, because now they are my “home away from home.” The restaurateurs, the information people, the shop owners all know me now because their home town is my temporary one.


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