Five Day Trips Around Stuttgart


SIG - Rottweil

The incredible Black Forest town of Rottweil is another favorite. Just an hour from Stuttgart and mostly highway the whole way, your weary travelers will be amazed at how quickly you arrive in the Black Forest region of Germany. Rottweil has an ancient Roman gate, wonderful churches, restaurants and a main street that has a Fastnet Parade every February with traditional costumes, authentic songs and playful shenanigans.

This year I was blessed to spend time with a friend’s family who still live here. We were given the royal treatment and had front row standing at the parade. Later, they introduced us to the local media and newspaper and were welcomed wholeheartedly. Rottweil is also known for their protective farm dogs, the Rottweiler. These wonderful hounds helped protect and herd  livestock for centuries.

Other sites to see

*Dominican museum

*Roman ancient bath foundations

*Shopping on main street in Rottweil


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