3 Daytrips from Grafenwöhr on Rainy Days


Another great city to check out for a rainy day is only located an hour from Grafenwöhr. The Scharfrichter Museum, better known as the torture device museum is located in the center of downtown Pottenstein. It is a great way to escape the rain for 30 minutes. The museum is a Middle Age executioner exhibition which houses a variety of torture devices. Afterwards slip past the rain and browse the gem and fossil store that is located just a few doors down. You can purchase an assortment of items that include rings, keychains, necklaces, and even bookends that were once just dirty fossils or gems.

devil (640x427)

Slip into Teufelshoehle and discover why the longest cave in Germany is called The Devil’s Cave. See a bear skeleton, a variety of animal bones, rainbow and brown trout, and stalactites on your visit. End your day by grabbing a table at Gasthof Shuettersmuehle, known to Americans as Steak on a Stone. They offer a unique experience for guests in which you can cook your own meat on a hot slab of stone. Even more unique are the meat choices they offer which include crocodile, bison, zebra, and kangaroo. Visiting Pottenstein makes for a wonderful oddity destination on a rainy day.

Sometimes the rainy days will discourage us from proceeding with our travels. If the weather has you trapped inside without an idea of what you can do, you now will have options. Don’t let the rain damper your plans, just pick a city on this list of rainy weather day trips from Grafenwöhr and head out the door.

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