3 Daytrips from Grafenwöhr on Rainy Days



Nuremberg, a more modernized city is bustling all year round. Located only an hour from Grafenwöhr you can see why many Americans often go there to shop and dine on sunny days. You can also spend a rainy day down memory lane and visit the Nuremberg Toy Museum. Take delight in going on a journey to your childhood and see toys that every living generation has once owned. Learn the history by decades of specific games, dolls, and figurines and discover rare toys.

side of castle

Afterwards dodge the Bavarian rain and visit the Kaiserburg Castle Museum to discover secrets and rare items the castle has held. Kaiserburg is famous for both Charlemagne’s and Hitler’s involvement with the castle. The Spear of Destiny even once sat in this very castle. The English guided recordings are witty and often have people laughing along the way.


If you have time to spare on your rainy day, travel to the Documentation Center. Be prepared to spend a few hours roaming the countless photographs, information panels, and artifacts. The center offers headphones that serve you as a guide allowing you to go at your own pace. The best part is that the guide comes in a variety of languages just like the Kaiserburg one. If the rain halts by the end of your visit, explore the Nazi Rally Grounds. You won’t regret learning about Nuremberg’s WWII history and then exploring the grounds for yourself. Nuremberg is the perfect place to go on a daytrip to learn something new on a rainy day.

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