Five Palaces in Bavaria That Live up to the Hype

We all love a good palace with splendid architecture. Germany is not a short of palaces, that is for sure. With so many palaces to choose from how do you decide which ones to visit? It has been a hard task for me to choose and I would highly suggest buying the Bavarian Castle Pass that way you don’t have to eliminate so many. I purchased the pass and luckily, I have seen a good amount of palaces. As a result, I have decided I would share my opinion of five palaces in Bavaria that live up to the hype.


The Munich Residence

Of course King Ludwig would never disappoint us. Best known for his castle Neuschwanstein, Ludwig also blessed us with his remarkable palace, The Munich Residence. The Residence could easily take up your entire day. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, but in the case of The Residence that is not the case because it has so much to offer. The 130 rooms, 10 courtyards, the exhibitions, & the Cuvillie’s Theater is all part of the admission and not one of them disappoints.

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