Bucket List Adventure: Sleep in an Igloo!


 At a Glance: Bucket List Adventure Sleep in an Igloo! Information and Reservations: http://www.iglu-dorf.com/en/ and/or  http://www.iglu-dorf.com/en/standorte/zugspitze.htm “I think I’ve figured out where we can sleep in an igloo,” my husband told me one afternoon while […]

Saturday Fun in Stuttgart, with Swine


At a Glance: An Afternoon in the City Easy Public Transportation Family Friendly Off-the-Beaten Path My husband and I have always had the travel bug, especially when it comes to travel that is more off-the-beaten […]

Speeding Tickets in Germany


Getting stationed in Germany is probably one of the best things that can happen in your military career. You get the chance to travel Europe for three years and experience a whole new way of […]

Day Tripping to Triberg


At a Glance: Easy Day Trip (this would be a great first experience when you move here) Family Friendly Cuckoo Clocks, Waterfalls, the Black Forest Museum, and Cake Bring Small Change (1 and 2 Euro) […]

Residenz Am Wald: Dog Hotel Review


Living in Germany is an exciting adventure but it doesn’t mean you have to leave your pets behind. Plenty of people PCS to Germany every year and bring their four-legged family members. One problem many […]

5 Places You Can Go See Today.


Being stationed in Germany is special. No where else will you be so easily transplanted to a foreign country with the amount of hand holding and support that you get from the military. It can […]

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