ABC Travel Service FAQ


ABC Travel Service has been in business for 29 years and is an IATA licensed travel agency and a partner of DERPART. We have been serving the Military community in Germany for 27 years and therefore can give you the best consultation to find the perfect rate for you.

With currently 5 offices and exclusively multilingual travel consultants, there is a travel expert by your side almost 24/7.

What are the advantages of booking with ABC Travel Service? 

The search through a travel agency is less time-consuming thanks to professional consultants, not necessarily more expensive and if something goes wrong during your vacation you have a competent contact person.

ABC Travel Service is available via email, at our offices or by calling the hotline 0621-72920. However booking online is possible 24 hours.

What does ABC Travel Service offer?

Special rates for flights with almost all airlines in the world. Improved conditions with well-known providers of cruises, car rentals, hotels, etc. Issuance of train tickets by the Deutsche Bahn.

What is our specialization?

Travel to the United States at special rates, meaning special rates for US-Military and their families, Bundeswehr, Students, Seniors and Non-Profit Organizations.

How much can you save if you are active duty?

At ABC Travel Service you can save up to 35% if you are an active US-Military employee. Don’t worry this rate applies to your immediate family as well and is also available to

NATO/US Military Retirees, NATO/US Military Reservists, NATO/DOD/DOS Civil Employees.

Our Active Military rate only extends to the families if they are travelling with the ID- Card holder because the airline personnel may require seeing the Military ID-Card at time of check-in.

Did you know that you can carry up to 4 pieces of luggage if you are active duty Military? This is only possible with a valid Military ID-Card.

What if you are not active Military?

For all Military dependents, ABC Travel Service offers up to 25% discounted rate. The “Military Dependent” rate applies to the following and their family (spouse, children, siblings, siblings in-law, parents, parents in-law, nieces, nephew):

NATO/US Military, NATO/US Military Retirees, NATO/US Military Reservists, NATO/DOD/DOS Civil Employees

Do you offer Fly now, pay later?

We offer Fly now, pay later to all active US-Military. There are several documents that you need to provide and you have to apply for a Military loan on our Website. Please contact us in advance, since it takes at least 14 business days to process your paper work.

For further information please visit:

Can someone else pay for my discounted ticket?

Sure, the purchaser of the tickets does not have to be the passenger. Just let our travel agents know who the passenger is and we will take care of the rest.

Can you still get airline miles after booking with ABC Travel?

Let us know if you are collecting airline miles, give us your frequent flyer number and we will make sure that you receive them.

Do you have to call or email or can you also book online?

ABC Travel has an online booking platform since 2003 which is continuously improving. If you do not need assistance with your flight booking, you can book yourself on