Spring Fests in Baden-Wurtemburg


Spring Fests in Baden-Württemberg One word you learn almost instantly upon arrival in Germany is “fest!” Although auto-correct will try to change it into everything imaginable “fest” in Germany is synonymous with “good times.” Pretty […]

Top 10 Apps for Living in Germany


I will do anything to make life a little easier. Living life abroad can make for some challenging circumstances. Below is a list of free apps that you can download on the AppStore for Apple […]

Trip Planning Made Easy!


Taking the Guesswork Out of Travel With Viator.com One of the most time-consuming things while planning a trip is deciding what to do once you’ve reached your destination. For us, the answer is simple! Viator.com Viator […]

All About the APO


Uh? APO you say? APO and its cousin, FPO stand for Army Post Office and Fleet Post Office. APO is associated with Army and Air Force installations while FPO belongs to the Navy. Both APO […]

All About Germany!


Just received orders to Germany? Well here is the place to start where you can learn a little about your home for the next few years! Germany is Europe’s largest economy and second most populous […]

German Beer Laws?


Have you ever wondered where Germans get their reputation for making great beer? German beer law, or the “beer purity law” play a great part in making sure the quality is maintained. Check out the […]

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