Vineyard Wine Hike with Stuttgart Steps

20140413_153846Before we moved to Stuttgart, we excessively searched the internet for things we wanted to do and see in the area. One of the things that was at the top of our list was wine hiking. We love wine, and we love hiking, how could we not love wine hiking?

Stuttgart is home to quite a few vineyards. We have always been interested in wine, but haven’t had much experience with German wines. We had an idea that they were all white and sweet and we hadn’t had much luck with the bottles we were picking up at the local grocery stores.  We knew we needed to learn more before we could really appreciate and enjoy the local wine.

I was thrilled when I saw that a local tour company, Stuttgart Steps,  offered a Vineyard Wine Hike.  I signed us up, immediately.

20140413_133104We met the tour at a local “broom pub” for lunch. The best way to explain it is that it is a small, local restaurant where they serve their own wine. Each one is only allowed to be open for four months a year. The owners are allowed to decide which of the four months they will be open.  The nice thing is that there are always going to be new places to try, but the tricky thing is finding all the ones that are open. You will know they are open because they will have a broom over the door. We enjoyed a delicious lunch,  tasted their wine, and met the other people on the tour.

Then, it was time to walk!

IMG_20140413_135710We started up the first path and were reward with stunning views of the town and vineyards. The weather was perfect. There was quite a bit of stopping to take pictures. The walk took us up a steep hill, and then back down, to the adorable little town of Ulbach, where we visited the Wine Museum. I was happy to find a museum open on a Sunday. Not only was it open, but the exhibits were in German and English, and they served wine. The tour guide was a great help in advising us on what we may like, depending on our tastes.

The rest of the hike was down hill.  We enjoyed  20140413_141055 chatting with the other tour members and learning all of their travel secrets and favorite places to visit.That was one of the highlights for me. I love hearing about other people’s favorite places to visit. We enjoyed more story-book views and ended up at a Sommerbesen for more wine and food.

IMG_20140413_152347The tour is a wonderful way to spend a day. We feel so much better about the wine in the area and actually have an idea of what to order when we go to a restaurant that serves regional wine.  If you’re in to wine and hiking, this could be the most fun you will have in Stuttgart.  You will also come out of it with enough knowledge to impress your visiting family and friends by ordering local wine that you know they will love.

For information about this tour you can click here. To see a complete list of the tours offered through Stuttgart Steps, visit their website at

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