The Do’s and Don’ts of Polish Pottery Shopping in Boleslawiec, Poland

Calling all Polish Pottery lovers! If you have a taste for Polish pottery, here is the trip for you! Boleslawiec, Poland, home of the famous Polish pottery, is a quiet but hospitable town lined with many pottery factories, shops, restaurants and bars.

DO stay at The Blue Beetroot

Like many American’s who travel to Boleslawiec to shop, we stayed at the highly recommended, Blue Beetroot. Priced at 72€ per night, it was the highlight of our trip! The hotel is a restored barn from the 18th century, with vaulted ceilings, thick wood beams and special Polish touches throughout, sure to make your stay relaxing and authentic. The hotel offers a single room all the way up to a five-person suite, so you can take your spouse, the family, or even all your girlfriends for a girl’s trip! Each room is equipped with WIFI. The rooms go side by side with the look of the hotel. Handmade furniture and wooden beams make for a very unique and attractive room.


The employees of The Blue Beetroot were the difference between an average stay and an excellent stay. Each and every one of them were helpful from check in, to check out. Long before arrival I was in constant contact with Jarek, the manager of the hotel, via e-mail. He was very courteous, when I needed to change the dates of our arrival last minute, not charging a fee to do so. He booked our room over e-mail and sent me the confirmation instantly with the check in times and the location of the hotel. He even let us bring our pup, for a small fee of 6€ per day. A huge plus for a dog lover like myself! The hotel has a restaurant on site, where everything is made fresh that same day. You can add breakfast to your room rate, which I recommend you do, for 6€ per day, per person. We were fortunate to eat dinner at the restaurant one night, which left us wishing we would’ve eaten there every day. It was fresh and delicious. A true Polish meal. Don’t forget to stop by the bar for a night cap! The hotel is only located a few kilometers outside Boleslawiec, in the cutest little village, giving you a glimpse of real Poland.

DON’T skip a factory or Stan’s antique store:


We had one full day (from open to close) to shop for pottery. One day is enough time to make it to every factory in Boleslawiec! Even if you don’t purchase something at each place, it is worth your time. Each place is unique with their designs and their displays. We only bought something at two of the shops, but I loved meeting the owners and seeing each factory. When you arrive at The Blue Beetroot, they will give you a map of all the shops, with descriptions of each one, where they are located and their hours. They will even give you a 10% off coupon to Andy’s Polish Pottery, which happened to be my favorite store! When you have had your fill of Polish pottery shopping, make sure to stop in to Stan’s Antiques. His store is full of, yes Polish pottery, but also many old treasures, a lot of them dating back to World War II. Stan is willing to bargain on all of his prices and he is open 24/7 so there is no excuse not to stop in!

DO eat at Opałkowa Chata:

Also known as the restaurant with the pig on the roof. Like their saying goes, “The unique place & best food”, rings true once you set foot inside. Located in the center of Boleslawiec, you are sure to delight your taste buds with authentic Polish cuisine, based on traditional recipes from centuries ago. For more information on opening hours and location, click here. When ready to dine, The Blue Beetroot staff will graciously call and make you a reservation at your requested time! Don’t miss this gem while visiting Boleslawiec.

DON’T take out Zloty (Polish money):

Every Polish pottery factory accepts credit cards and Euros. Some even accept U.S. dollars! Unless you are wanting to shop at a local grocery store, you will not need the Polish money.

DO a girl’s trip:

Unless your husband is a Polish pottery/shopping fanatic, leave him behind and take your girls, or do like I did and take your mom! Trust me when I say he will be bored. There is not much else to do besides shop, shop and more shopping in Boleslawiec. The area does offer more adventurous activities if your husband and/or son would like to come, such as fishing, swimming and bird watching, depending on the season! The Blue Beetroot offers many relaxing beauty services right at the hotel! We made an arrangement to have a pedicure after a hard day of shopping. They also offer manicures, massages, facials and waxing options. It is a nice was to unwind after a day on your feet!

No matter where you are stationed, if you like Polish pottery I strongly suggest making a trip to Boleslawiec. Not only will you be able to purchase it at a fraction of the price you can get it here in Germany at the PX, you will be astounded by the prices when you see it the states. It will double if not triple in price. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a weekend of shopping in Boleslawiec, Poland.

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