Monte Mare Wellness Spa in Kaiserslautern

Have you heard about the Monte Mare Wellness Spa in Kaiserslautern? It seems to have the best of all worlds for relaxation and fun.

montemare1I was first introduced to Monte Mare Wellness Spa by my teenage daughter who wanted to attend a party there called “Pool Night”. I was not particularly excited about this idea, but decided to let her go. After I picked her up from the party, she told me that she had a great time with her friends and informed me that Monte Mare also has a spa for “older people”. Trying not to be offended and definitely not being one to turn down a day at the spa, I decided to investigate.

How to Book Your Spa Wellness Day

montemare2I checked out their website ( and discovered that they do have a wellness center. I decided to ask my friend if she would be interested in going to the spa for a day. I did not have to twist her arm. I have cool friends, so of course, she said yes. I called their number and spoke with a lovely lady who spoke English and it was easy to make an appointment for a “Turkish Ceremony”. I had no idea what a Turkish Ceremony would be. However, it sounded relaxing and she assured me that it would be wonderful for our skin. When we arrived for our appointment, there was a bit of confusion at the front desk. Apparently, you can also pay just to use the facilities without having an appointment. There are also many options for your day at Monte Mare…you can visit the family pool with your children, spend the day at the “adult” sauna or enter the wellness spa for treatments. After we overcame a minor language barrier, we found our way to a very secure locker-room and then on to the wellness area.

What to Expect at Monte Mare Wellness Spa

If you are accustomed to spa treatments in the States, then this might be a bit risqué for you. We started our day in a communal sauna area. Yes, this means that men and women are allowed together in the sauna area. I do not have a problem with this. However, clothes are “optional” and it is very European…and there were NOT a lot of clothes. They do offer robes and towels (with a small deposit), but I would recommend that you bring your own. Fortunately, for two somewhat modest girls from the South, no one else was booked for this treatment and we were alone in a sauna that seats up to seven. I was unable to take pictures inside the wellness area and sauna (for obvious reasons) but I will tell you that it compares to the high-end Wellness Resorts that I became accustomed to in the States.

I have to admit, it was a very liberating and enjoyable experience!   Our first treatment was a delightfully aromatic mud paste that we were instructed to rub onto our skin and then bask in the steam sauna for 15 minutes. That was followed by an equally delightful coffee and chocolate sugar scrub. After an additional 10 minutes of enjoying this tranquil environment, the overhead showers began to rain down hot water. Once we were rinsed off, we exited the sauna and met our lovely attendant who gave us yet another luxury….lavender-mango body oil. She instructed us to cover ourselves in this beautiful scent and enjoy the hot tea that she had prepared for us. This treatment was perfect as we are trying to get ready for Spring Break and wanted to get our skin out of winter mode. Our attendant assured us that we would leave with skin as soft as a baby’s. She was right! The best news of all is that we were able to enjoy this along with two hours in the sauna/pool area for 20 € each, which I thought was an amazing price!

montemare3We were allowed another hour to wander around freely and enjoy the sauna area. There we discovered that the Monte Mare Wellness Center has a couple of hot tubs, an indoor/outdoor pool, an entire outdoor patio, several lounge areas, thermal foot basins and a cold plunge pool to enjoy. Again, keep in mind that clothing is “optional” so it is a bit different than anything you will experience stateside. This entire area had less clothing that we would have preferred. They also have a separate Tuscan Relaxation House with around one hundred recliners, a large lounge with a fireplace and a relaxation gallery.

Our attendant was fluent in English and was able to show us all of the available options for massage and body treatments as well as their couple’s room. They do have a brochure in English, which made it much easier for us to understand exactly what treatments are available. And there are tons of options! Sauna creations, infusion ceremonies, his and her facials, mud bath and body peeling ceremonies, centuries old Hamam rituals and a variety of individual and couple’s massages. They also have a full gourmet menu if you want to make it a spa day.

Lunch is Available

After our treatment, we decided to have a quick lunch in the Bistro, which was in the family area where we enjoyed a very tasty turkey burger and a glass of white wine.

Something for the Kids

montemare4There is a great area for small children as well as a wave pool that looked like a lot of fun for the older kids. This is a completely separate area from the adults-only wellness area. I just wanted to add that so you would know that clothing is required in this area.

So, I think it’s easy to see that Monte Mare really does have something for everyone. You can enjoy a family day at the waterpark or a getaway with someone special at the wellness spa.

Visit their website ( for a complete menu of services along with pricing, booking information and opening hours. You can also find them on Facebook ( They do have an English menu of services on site and the staff seems to go above and beyond to make your visit pleasurable.


Monte Mare Wellness Center is located just behind Mobel Martin in Kaiserslautern.

Telephone: 0631 30380

Address: Mailander Strasse 6, Kaiserslautern 67657




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  1. Actually, in the sauna area, clothing is not “optional.” It’s not allowed. Yes, you can wear your bathrobe when walking around, but it is expected that when you swim or are in the sauna, that you do not wear clothing. You can have your towel on in the saunas but that’s it. Also, you’re expected to sit only on the towel when you’re in the wooden sauna because your bare skin can damage the wood.

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