Four Amazing Passes in the Alps You Have to Drive!

Have you run out of ideas for travel overseas? Worn out from too many European tourist towns? Perhaps you just bought a new sports car from Bavarian Motor Cars? How does a nice drive through some of the most beautiful mountain passes in the Alps sound? Summer is coming and while we all think of the Alps for skiing, they are just as amazing without snow. Most of us live in the southern part of Germany anyways so fill up before you leave work this Friday and hit to road! Here are four amazing Alp passes in Austria and Switzerland that you will love!

Gotthard Pass


The Gotthard Pass is located in Switzerland and reaches an elevation of 2106 Meters or 6909 Feet. It connects northern and southern Switzerland and has been an important trade route since the 13th century. The pass road starts on the northern side in the town of Göschenen and ends at Airolo. The Gotthard Tunnel runs underneath the pass for 16.9 kilometers if you are just traveling through and don’t want to climb the pass. The newer Gotthard Base Tunnel will open to rail passenger service in June 1st 2016. This tunnel is officially the longest in the world at 35 miles. Tunnels aside, this pass makes for a wonderful scenic drive that you should definitely add to your travel bucket list. Click page two below to see the next pass!

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