Five Must-See Sites for a Weekend in Berlin

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe

Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, 10117 Berlin

Located very near the Brandenburg Gate this is tops on many visitors must see lists. Be sure to pay the 4-euro for the audio-guided tour. It is well worth the money and the narration will surely heighten your experience. The museum is very well done and gives you a real understanding the true horror Jewish people throughout Europe suffered for over a decade. The most moving room for me was one where panels showed families from various parts of Europe. Each panel showed who survived and who perished and how. Family photos and letters are shown on the panels and three families are highlighted on the audio tour giving more details about their stories. After the museum tour, you leave through the 2,711 columns laid out throughout the property. It is very moving to get lost in these columns and just reflect on what you read and listened to. The recommended age for the museum is 14, but if you do have smaller children you can still enter. The desk will give out coloring sheets, colored pencils and clipboards for your children’s use while you visit.


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