Five Must-See Sites for a Weekend in Berlin

East Side Gallery

Mühlenstraße, 10243 Berlin

 The East Side Gallery is an amazing work of art. Stretching nearly 1.3km and painted on both sides it is well worth a visit while in Berlin. The wall is being restored to its former glory, as graffiti artists and vandalism has taken its toll in some locations. I personally think the graffiti adds to the experience. If you are at all creative, the works of art and the use of such vibrant colors will amaze you. This is definitely a great spot for anyone interested in photography as well. Kids will enjoy just being free to run around a bit and everyone can truly get a sense of how massive the wall was and how inconceivable it is now that a 12” thick concrete wall could divide ways of life.   There is a museum at the start of the gallery, but we opted out of it and instead just spent our time walking up and down the wall. There is no fee for seeing the wall; the museum however charges an entrance fee.

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