Five Day Trips Around Stuttgart

Summer is right around the corner, yup, I said it. It’s out there and if you are like me, you probably have a few stateside friends and family coming to visit this summer. One of the questions I am frequently asked from people stationed here is, “Wendy, where can I take my family for a short day trip around Stuttgart?” I thought it might be nice to have this information all in one article.

I’m a small town girl and enjoy visiting them too. You may notice these towns are filled with activity but not with a lot of people or tourists. For this reason, I chose ones that are close to my heart and close to home.

Bad Urach

SIG - Bad Urach

If this is your first time reading one of my blogs, you are probably unaware of my obsession with this Swabian town. After being here for almost two years, this is at the top of my favorites. After an absolutely easy, beautiful drive through the valleys of the Swabian Alps, you arrive in this quaint, town filled with half-timbered houses and buildings. Stadtmitte parking is highly affordable at €.50/hour as well as several other parking garages making it easy to park and stroll.

SIG - Ruins of Bad UrachThe first time I visited here I instantly had a feeling of being back in Bavaria. The people are genuinely beautiful and welcoming. I continue to visit because of this reason. Bad Urach has a Schloß (castle), beautiful waterfalls, and castle ruins that have unparalleled views of Swabia. It’s a short 45 minute drive from Stuttgart and I have yet to find a restaurant that isn’t top notch, including the Italian restaurant on the square.


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