Five Castles to See in Baden-Württemberg

Old Castle in Meersburg (German: Altes Schloss)

With a backdrop combining the crystal clear Lake Constance (Bodensee) and the Alps, this is one of my most favorite places to view in the spring and summer. The castle exterior is great to wander around and the town of Meersburg offers so much to see and experience. There are fabulous restaurants, shopping, and beautiful and ornate architecture, brightly colored flower arrangements displayed throughout the town, and stunning views of the lake.


Unfortunately, no English tours are offered unless booked through a private group, but you can arrange English tours through the tourist office or rent an “iGuide” which offers audio and visual information to tour you through the city, individually. Honestly, walking the exterior of the castle and through the town is a treat in itself. Ticket prices, maps, and additional visitor information can be found here.

There are many, many more castles spread throughout Germany. This article focuses on only five in state of Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart. To get a full listing of all of Baden-Württemberg’s castles, gardens, palaces, monasteries, click here to visit the Heritage Site.

Enjoy your visits and be sure to check out what the rest of the country has to offer!

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