Five Castles to See in Baden-Württemberg

Sigmaringen Castle (German: Schloss Sigmaringen)

We came across this big gem by mistake during a road trip, but it was a happy mistake as a little festival was going on in the charming little town, as well. The castle protrudes above the little town of Sigmaringen and since they don’t offer an English speaking tour of the interior without a large group reservation, walking around to view the outside is plenty, in my opinion. However, interior views are quite stunning and you can request an English pamphlet to follow along with the German tour.


Driving is the best way to get to this castle and depending on where you are coming from, if you are able to tie in a visit to Lichtenstein Castle or Hohenzollern Castle in the same trip, it would make the drive that much more worth it. Ticket prices, maps, and additional visitor information can be found here.

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