Where is the Esso?

The price of gas in Europe sure is high isn’t it? Luckily for those of us stationed in Germany, we have the Esso card. This allows us to buy fuel on the local economy at Esso gas stations for the AAFES fuel price. Is the AAFES fuel price as cheap as back home? That is a question that has been asked many times. Either way, the ability to fill up for a bit less is wonderful, especially when you want to travel. Unfortunately the Esso card is only good in Germany so if you want to drive to Spain you should be prepared!

One of the most common questions I hear asked is, “where is the Esso?” Most of us know out local Esso station but when we travel they can be a hard to find. To help, Esso has a handy fuel finder site right here! They also have apps on iTunes and the Google Play store for mobile devices. Now you should never have trouble finding an Esso again. One word of caution, I have driven many kilometers off my route to an Esso listed on the app only to find the location was no longer in business. Now I simply call the number listed for the station to confirm it really exists before heading that way.

Here is what the Esso Fuel Finder site looks like.


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