Adventures in Blind Booking

One of the best things about living in Germany is the ability to use it as a home-base for traveling.  The biggest problem my husband and I have encountered is deciding where to go first!  If you are flexible and spontaneous, you have an inexpensive and easy way to explore Europe by blind booking through German Wings.  Flights are only 33 Euro, each way.  There’s only one little catch; you don’t know where you’re going go. Yes, you need to be a bit spontaneous!

Here’s how it works:

1. In the month before you want to travel, go to the blind booking website:

2. Select your departure airport: Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hanover, Hamburg, or Berlin.

3. Depending on your departure city, you will get a few different choices for city packages from which your flight will come from.   Since we were leaving from Stuttgart, we had the following options: Sun and Beach, Culture, Party, and Metropolis.

4. We selected the Culture option because it had the most cities we were interested in visiting.

5.  If there are cities that you’d like to exclude from the options, you can simply check them off the list.  That said, it will cost you 5 Euro for each city you exclude. You must leave at least 3 cities on the list.  After that, you select the dates you want to travel, select the number of tickets you want, and pay.

6.  Wait for a few seconds…. (probably the longest seconds of your day).

7.  Get very excited when your city pops up on your screen!

8. Be sure to post about it on social media so your family and friends can be very jealous. 😉

That’s when the fun starts!  Since you have all of your flight information, you can start shopping for hotels and things to do on your adventure.  I would not worry too much about getting a city that doesn’t have many hotel options available. German Wings books these flights because they are not full and they need to fill seats. In my opinion, they will not have empty flights heading to cities where there are large events happening that would prevent you from finding a place to stay.

When we did this, we ended up getting Vienna. We were thrilled and Vienna is a great city!  When we blind book again, we will keep Vienna on the list and use it as a home base for going to Slovakia. That’s the great thing about this, all the cities are close to other cities that you might love to visit. You can’t go wrong for the price and the adventure.

Have you blind booked before? If so, which city did you get? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section!







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  1. Hello,
    We just arrived from australia and want to try blind booking. We just want to know Which all airlines will be considered for these kinds of blind trips? or is it just the german wings flights that we will be travelling in?

    • I’ve only seen it offered through German Wings. It’s great, though! I hope you can try it and enjoy your trip.

  2. we did a blind booking between christmas and New Year 2013 and we thought it was awesome. We went to Milan!!!!!

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