Killesberg Park—Stuttgart’s Green Gem


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The weather is finally starting to turn. Spring has decided to come to Stuttgart and I could not be happier. The trees are budding, flowers are blooming and the temperatures are getting warmer everyday. Today was one of the most perfect spring days. High 60’s, sunny, a slight breeze…who could ask for anything more? The family and I decided to head to one of our favorite Stuttgart parks to soak up sun, relax, and let the kids play.

Killesberg Park is right near downtown Stuttgart, about a 20-25 minute drive from Patch or Panzer, 30 minutes from Kelley and 15 minutes from Robinson Barracks. You can also take the U5 and get off at the Killesberg stop. Both Google Maps and our Garmin take us right to the park without problems. Parking is mostly on the streets surrounding the park. On nice weekend days or special events it can get pretty tricky to find a spot, so keep that in mind.

Beautiful in all four seasons, in spring and summer the park comes alive with visitors enjoying the many things this park has to offer. We especially love the huge playground. Parents of kids beware, you child will most likely leave kicking a screaming. Don’t worry it is completely normal and you won’t be the only ones! Numerous slides, forts, a zip line, swings, pretend diggers, and teeter-totters will keep your kids busy for hours. Around the playground there is plenty of green space to lie out a blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch. Forgot to pack one? No problem. The park has at least three cafes you can grab food at. And of course, beer is on the menu. I wanted to snap a picture of the playground today when we visited but it was so crowded you couldn’t get a good look at the equipment!

You may be able to tear your kids off the playground with promises of feeding and petting real live animals. Right near the playground are areas with donkeys, Shetland ponies, llamas, goats, pigs and various other farm animals that you can feed if you have a few coins on you. Every kid loves feeding animals and these guys know that people mean food. You can bring your leftover stale bread and feed the ducks and geese in the many ponds the park has throughout it as well.

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If petting and feeding animals doesn’t pry your kid off the zip line, maybe a promise of ice cream will. Just down the hill from the playground is a snack bar serving ice cream treats, schnitzel, wursts, and of course those delicious German fries! Sit back at one of the tables with a beer for the adults and a sweet treat for the kids. Right next-door is a more formal biergarten if that’s what you prefer.

Killesberg Park even boasts it’s own Killesberg Bahn! Take a ride with the whole family for just a few euros around the entire park. Being a mom of three young children, this is a must do each time we visit. The train runs April-October.   It’s a great way to see most of the park and give the kids a little break.

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If you aren’t afraid of heights then trek up the hill to the Killesbergturm. The 174 spiraling stairs are not for the faint of heart, but the reward at the top is a magnificent few of downtown and the surrounding countryside. The tower does sway a bit so if you are afraid of heights I recommend just imagining the view from the top.

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If all those things weren’t enough the park also has a puppet theatre for the kids called, Theater in der Badewanne (Theater in the Bathtub), a swimming pool, and various outdoor concerts in the summer months. Check out the City of Stuttgart’s website for more information on upcoming park events.

Killesberg Park is a treat for everyone. Take a run through the many paved paths and soak it all in or just enjoy a stroll and admire the beautiful landscape. This is a must see place for everyone and a great free place to bring out of town guests any time of the year.

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Puppet Theater:

Swimming pool:

City of Stuttgart website:

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