How to Watch Netflix or Hulu in Germany

How do I watch Netflix in Germany?

With all the on demand streaming TV these days it is a common question from families moving to Germany. How can I watch Netflix in Germany or can we watch Hulu in Germany? The good news is, for everyone living overseas today life is great. We used to be stuck with AFN and all their great commercials. the bad news is there are still some challenges. Depending on whether or not you live on post will affect your access.

Netflix and Hulu on Post

If you live on post in a housing area you “should” be good to go for Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime. All three companies have started unblocking on post IP addresses for a few years now. If for some reason you cannot access one of these services you will have to jump through some hoops to do so. While each company has their own process, here is a response from customer service at Netflix about how to get your on post IP unblocked.

Thank you for your inquiry, and more importantly, thank you for your service!

We understand that you would like to access Netflix from an overseas United States military base. For assistance with this, please have your Commanding Officer submit a formal request to our corporate address:

100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032-1815
United States

Please include the following information in the request:

The range of recognized IP Addresses that require access.

Please understand that we are only able to assist a member’s entire military base using a range of IP addresses to update; not just one member specifically.

So there you go. Most on post IP addresses are probably up to date but if anything changes you will have to go through this process. Once you are unblocked you are free and clear to watch all the streaming TV you want. Unfortunately you are still stuck living on post…

Netflix or Hulu off Post

For those who are lucky enough to live off post and experience Germany a bit more for a few years there is some bad news. All these streaming services only unblock the know IP addresses provided to them for US military installations. They will not unblock your individual IP address at your German rental. However, there are still a few options.

  • Utilize a virtual private network or “VPN”: A VPN through a service such as Unblock-Us or StrongVPN will allow you to mask your own German IP and make these services think your IP is based in the United States thereby allowing you access. One drawback of a VPN is that companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon can eventually figure out you are using one. When that happens you may get a message telling you to turn the VPN off. It is in the interest of VPN companies to keep you connected so they will try to provide fix but there is no telling how long this method will work.
  • Watch German Netflix: If you do not want to deal with the hassle of a VPN, you can still use your Netflix account and watch via Surprisingly, there is still a really good amount of quality content and everything filmed in English can be watched that way. You just have to change the language once you start the program. The same goes for and Amazon video but you will have to open a new account. In addition to Amazon Prime you can rent a lot of new release movies and still watch them in English. Unfortunately, there is no so that method is out.

So that is where we stand today. Like all technology, the situation is constantly evolving. Check back for updates or let us know if you have a different experience in the comments below.


10 Comments on How to Watch Netflix or Hulu in Germany

  1. I wish I could watch hulu but I’m traveling and it says i’m not allowed. Arcvpn says they can bypass the block. But I don’t know. Do services like this work?

  2. VPN services were working fine for Netflix until recently when Netflix began aggressively filtering VPN IP addresses out.

    Anyone else have suggestions besides using VPN off post?

    Carl Kruse

    • You need a VPN service that will also offer you a private IP address (Google will give plenty of results but it comes with an additional charge). That way you are the only one hitting the Netflix/Amazon/Hulu servers with that IP and not hundreds or thousands of people hitting it from one IP address. That mass of users on one IP address is what flags the server that it is coming through a VPN service.

  3. Your ratings and watch history on your profile will determine what Netflix recommends for you, so creating different profiles for when you want specific types of content can give you more specific options in the future.

  4. I was using strongvpn, it used to work but it’s not working with Hulu now. Everytime I tried, i get an error that it is detected. It’s very disappointing.

  5. I’ve been here in Germany for two months. I bought an Invizboxgo VPN router. I’ve used it to successfully watch CBS All Access, from my Airbnb apartment, where it wouldn’t let me watch it if not using the VPN.
    I forgot to bring my Netflix login info with me so can’t comment on that.

  6. Has anyone been able to use Britbox? Trying to see if they will unlock IP addresses for bases.

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