USAREUR License Test Available Online to Service Members and Dependents

Now both Service Members AND dependents can take the USAREUR drivers training and test online prior to moving. This test is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers in Germany and stories of taking it two or three times to pass are not uncommon. Service members can use their common access card and family members can use the benefits number on the back of their ID card to log into JKO and access the training and test.

Follow these directions to access the training and exam:

  • Navigate to
  • Under Course Catalog ensure the “courses” tab is selected and select “USA” from the drop down.
  • Enter 007 in the course number field and click search
  • Enroll and take USA-007 “U.S. Forces Driver’s Training Program for Europe (2 hrs)”
  • When you are ready, enroll and take the exam USA-007-B “U.S. Forces Driver’s Training Program for Europe – Final Course Exam (2 hrs)”

Once you have passed the exam simply print out your certificate and bring it with you to Germany. Present it to the drivers office when you in-process to recieve your USAREUR license.


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  1. Ive heard of people taking this test online and trying to present the certificate to the drivers office and them not accepting it and having to take the test there. Me and my wife are going to be in germany at the beginning of december and have taken the test online. Just wanted to make sure that its good because I dont know how old this thread is. Thanks for any info.

  2. Also how long is the online certificate good for? Ive heard 30 days from test completion but just wanted to make sure.

  3. Our daughter is in the USAF stationed in Germany. Do you have a driving test program available for us to take for our upcoming visit?

    Thank you,
    Judy MA

    • If you are not military you won’t need to take a driving test. You can drive a vehicle on an international drivers license from AAA or similar. However, you won’t be able to operate your daughters vehicle as it is plated via the US Military and you would require a USAEUR license to legally drive it.

  4. I’m a medical retired Marine and might have a job offer in Stuttgart,Germany. Would I need to take the test online or just get an international licence from triple A?

  5. I have an international driver’s license but will be driving on base and off. Can I rent a car on base with the international license until I get my USAEUR license?

  6. My wife took the test using my ID and her DOD number. The certificate still shows my name. Is this still valid?

  7. Can a contractor (retired military) coming to Germany for work get a USAREUR License or do they need a different license to drive while on the job in Germany?

  8. i used to live in Germany and i had the usareur driver license but it is expired , would i be able to renew it or do i need to retake the test?

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