German Beer Laws?


Have you ever wondered where Germans get their reputation for making great beer? German beer law, or the “beer purity law” play a great part in making sure the quality is maintained. Check out the […]

Cheap Flights to Germany


Everyone wants cheap flights to Germany right? How else are you going to bring your family and friends over to visit while you are here? Your tour in Germany is one of the best times […]

The Best Cake on Earth


One thing I liked growing up in a German family was the “coffee and cake” tradition. In the afternoon, everybody came together to have some coffee (hot chocolate or tea for the kids) and a […]

PCS My Dog to Germany


PCS Orders, household goods, POV shipping, the military has is all nailed down (mostly…) when moving to Germany. What about Fido? Almost everyday, someone is online asking, “Can I ship my dog to Germany?” The short […]